Women Connect Shine a Light on the Tech Industry, through the ‘We See You’ Initiative

Women Connect Shine a Light on the Tech Industry, through the ‘We See You’ Initiative

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There is a very celebrated biographer named Walter Isaacson. His biographies are loved for their ability to bring to life both the character and the legacy of the people he writes about. Isaacson explores their outlook on the world and their perception of themselves within it, and how these led to some of the greatest creations of all time. He’s covered: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci. All icons of different periods of history, who’s impact has been felt beyond their lifetime. With so many impressive men and women throughout history, how does he decide who he’s going to cover?

“The theme of all my books is that true creativity and innovation come from being able to stand at the intersection of art and science. That’s what made Steve Jobs such a genius. He knew that engineering should be beautiful. Leonardo da Vinci is history’s ultimate example of combining art and science. That’s what made him history’s greatest genius.” – Walter Isaacson 

Most famous as the painter of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci was also a remarkable inventor with his ideas including early versions of the parachute and the helicopter. 

We’re often encouraged to pick a lane when it comes to the sciences vs. the arts, but there is actually tremendous power in bringing these disciplines together. As referenced, this philosophy was at the core of Apple and it’s why, not only the iPhone was such a success, but the company also developed powerful programmes like Logic and Final Cut. In these examples smart tech enables art and the intersection of these seemingly different subjects is where some of the most beautiful and remarkable creations come from.

If you, on an individual level, aren’t particularly techy, collaboration can be really valuable when it comes to furthering your work. It was this insight that has inspired Women Connect to launch the ‘We See You’ initiative. A series of interviews shining a light on women who are assets to the tech industry, making them more visible for the Women Connect audience. An audience of ambitious females collaborating to work towards equal opportunities in the creative industry. 

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So far Women Connect have covered Zena, an aircraft mechanic, Amina, a content creator and Software Engineer and Velisa, a HR professional working for one of the ‘Big 5’. It’s brilliant to be able to give visibility to these women in a different space and introduce their work to women working in the creative industries. You can read the interviews and follow their work here. 

The more visibility we can all give to women and minorities succeeding in different fields, the more we can let other individuals know that this is possible. 

At Cleopatras we believe this goes beyond supporting upcoming generations, to being about every woman at any age who might be interested in pursuing something different. 

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