What Is Reiki? An Introduction to a Powerful Healing Technique

What Is Reiki? An Introduction to a Powerful Healing Technique

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Reiki is an ancient healing technique which uses energy to address issues caused by physical or emotional imbalances. Level 3 Reiki master, Faith Ellis (@faithholistics) explains what it is, where it came from and how it might help you. While some may be sceptical of non-invasive therapies, it’s rising popularity is due to many people observing its power for themselves.
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Where did Reiki originally come from?

Before talking about Reiki, it’s important to consider its roots, and the Ancestors. The form I’m discussing today is Usui Reiki, which was discovered and descended by Mikau Usui in Japan in 1922, after 21 days of fasting on Mount Kurama. Usui was brought up as a Buddhist, and studied many religions in his lifetime. He devoted his life to exploring the phenomenon of placing hands on a person and healing them physically, emotionally and mentally. On the 21st day of his pilgrimage, Usui collapsed and experienced a Spiritual awakening. A Great Light appeared to him, and he became ‘attuned’ and able to heal, by use of certain techniques and Sacred symbols and Mantras. In his lifetime, Usui built many Reiki Clinics, but also attuned others as Reiki Masters, so that they could teach and so that this modality would not be lost…


Where did it get it’s name?

The word Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is broken down into two Japanese words; Rei – meaning soul, or spirit, and Ki – meaning universal or vital energy. At the very core of Reiki is the idea of Spirit – the Higher Self, the Great Light, the Divine. So Reiki is in fact a Spiritual practice / treatment, but isn’t affiliated with any specific religion (so it’s open to everybody!). I love this all-embracing and loving nature of Reiki – the recognition that everyone is a spiritual being, and worthy of love and healing.


What does Reiki healing involve?

Reiki is a complementary therapy technique, known for its deep healing properties – not just with emotional and energetic problems, but is also known to help physical health problems too when used with prescribed medications and medical treatment. (Never as a replacement). 

The Practitioner, who will be ‘attuned’ or ‘initiated’ to Reiki Level 2 or to Master / Teacher Level usually (unless you’re receiving Reiki from a friend or family member), channels Reiki – pure, spiritual energy, into their body and down into your energetic fields and physical body, through their hands which will be lightly positioned above specific areas. All energy that is channelled is directed into you ‘for your highest good’ – Reiki doesn’t do harm, it will go to the areas you need it the most. 

Reiki as a technique is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment. You will usually be asked to wear comfortable clothing, to take off any uncomfortable jewellery or watches, to take your shoes off, and to switch off any mobile phones devices. You remain clothed throughout the session, and pre covid you may have been covered with a blanket. You can have the treatment either lying or sat down on a treatment bed, in a relaxing environment. I have essential oils and music playing during treatments, but this will depend on your Practitioner, so do check with them! 

Reiki recognises that we aren’t simply a lump of flesh and bones – Spirit and Energy run through the body and are absolutely essential in our wellbeing and vitality. As Reiki Practitioners, we consider what is known as the ‘Subtle Body’. This refers to the unseen energetic fields and centres in and around our body.

In and around the outside of our body is what is commonly known as our Aura, or Auric Field. And from the top of our head to the base of our spine, we have 7 spinning disks of energy, known as the Chakras. Each Chakra is responsible for the emotional and physical balance and wellbeing of that specific area (for example, the throat Chakra is responsible for how well we communicate, as well as the general physical health of that area). If this Chakra is blocked, the individual may be having a hard time communicating, and may also get pain and illness in this area. 

During a Reiki treatment, a Practitioner will tune in to the Client’s Auric Field and Chakras by moving through specific hand placements on or over (over due to Covid currently) the whole body. If you want to hear what was found in the session, do ask your Practitioner afterwards – you might be surprised what we pick up on! Perhaps the site of an operation which has caused some trouble, or maybe a recent injury! 

Do bear in mind that it is good practice for a Practitioner to ask your consent before going through their session notes with you, as there may be emotional or physical traumas that you don’t wish to discuss at that point (especially if it’s session number one!), and trust should be built before this is discussed in depth – you should feel completely comfortable with them. 

During your session, you will be asked to relax and close your eyes. Experiences differ from simply a deep meditative state, colours (usually purples, greens and columns of light), sound – hissing or similar to singing bowls ringing, warmth and / or coolness over and within the body, and  sometimes even a floating sensation. Each experience is unique to the individual, so relax and enjoy yours – come with an open mind! Much energy shifts during a session, and it’s not rare to have a cry as this moves along – sometimes inexplicably. The body and our energetic field holds onto a lot – many people feel a lot ‘lighter’ after a session. 

Post session, you may go through what is known as a ‘Healing Crisis’. Reiki can help to detox the body, and due to the energetic cleansing effect that it has, you may experience slight headaches and cold-like symptoms over the following day or so. So it is very important that you stay hydrated, and look after your body by feeding it nutritious foods and taking gentle exercise. Not everyone experiences a healing crisis, but do look after yourself post treatment.

Reiki is for everybody, it’s a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and all are welcome. 

If you have any further questions about Reiki healing, you can reach out directly to Faith by emailing: faith@faithsholistics.com ,  Or you can let us know via the submission boxes throughout the site.


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