Top to Toe Sustainability

Top to Toe Sustainability

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When it comes to sustainable lifestyle choices, making one responsible choice can have a ripple effect; you stop drinking from plastic straws and start to question why the cup is made of plastic too. The same applies to beauty products; why buy a moon cup if you’re still going to throw away five plastic tooth brushes a year? So, the next time you’re starting to run low on the essentials, check out this list of eco-friendly, purpose-driven brands, who’ve got you covered from top to toe.

Hair Brushes and Makeup Brushes: Eco Tools 

This year, Eco Tools celebrates their 10th anniversary of offering eco-friendly hair and makeup brushes. All of their products are made from recycled aluminium, plastic or bamboo, are cruelty free and are packaged in “tree-free” packaging made from bamboo and cotton. Tried and tested by Cleopatras. 

Make up brushes can be found in Tescos in the UK and online for international shipping.

Hair Care: Lush, Aveda, Noughty 

The founder of Lush was originally a hair expert which may explain the time that has been taken in designing such an extensive range of shampoo bars that take different hair types into careful consideration. When selecting your bar, make sure that you get some guidance from a Lush shop assistant who can tell you the difference between your Jason and the Argon Oil* and your Honey I Washed my Hair. Next, pick up the special tin to keep it in and intercept the shop assistant from wrapping it up in a paper bag and a sticker as this slightly defeats the non-packaging option. At £8 a pop these bars are more expensive than other high street finds such as Boot’s 100g bars priced at a more reasonable £4. 

If you still want to have a traditional bottle, then brands such as Aveda* and Noughty Hair Care* are committed to offering cruelty-free products made with natural ingredients, and are packaged in sustainable packaging. For example, Aveda were the first beauty company using 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Now more than 85% of their skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Similarly, Noughty Hair Care are committed to upgrading all of their product packaging to fully recyclable sugarcane by January 2021. What’s more, Noughty products are vegan friendly as they do not use ingredients such as lanolin and keratin which are extracted from animals. 

Oral care: Georganics

Currently in the UK, no councils offer a recycling scheme for oral care waste products. When we consider that empty toothpaste tubes and plastic toothbrushes contribute 18480000 kilos of waste in landfill from these two oral care products alone, it’s no wonder bamboo toothbrushes have entered the mainstream in recent years.  

For electric toothbrush die-hards it can get a little more complicated. This is where British brand, Georganics have gone the extra mile to create a sonic toothbrush which can be sent back to the factory and recycled for free with their Zero to Landfill scheme.  

What’s more, their toothpaste, which comes in a glass jar as a paste, or as foaming tablets, has been developed to remineralise teeth naturally with organic ingredients containing calcium, potassium and magnesium. 

Currently available online and at Boots 


Something that is probably the hardest of all to convert to is natural makeup, simply because it has been surprisingly slow to enter the mainstream. I recently stumbled across Zao Makeup – a 100% natural cosmetics brand. Not only are these products organic and vegan certified, they are also refillable. From nail varnish remover to micellar water and lipstick, each product comes in bamboo packaging – a more sustainable alternative to the beauty industry’s dependence on plastic.  

If you’re looking to get to the high street and see the colours and textures for yourself, then Lush also offers a range of refillable makeup options. For example, their Naked Lipstick range comes in a  wax coating which peels off and can be inserted into an existing case meaning you can reuse the same case again and again. 

Shaving: Shoreline

Designed as a unisex razor, Shoreline is at the forefront of zero-waste shaving. Made with a combination of bamboo and stainless steel, it’s durable and should last you a lifetime only needing to replace your blades. 

Period: Moon Cup, DAME and TOTM 

You have probably heard of the Moon Cup, but DAME may be new on your radar. Containing no chemicals, plastics or harsh additives, the world’s first reusable tampon applicators are made with Sanipolymers that contain natural antimicrobial elements which help to guarantee a hygienic surface. This means you can use the applicator again and again in conjunction with DAME’s organic tampon subscription service. So far, Dame claim to have saved 300 million non-recyclable applicators from being bought and thrown away. 

DAME can now be found on the highstreet in Boots. So too can Bamboo pads* – sanitary towels made from organic Bamboo – and even large Tescos offer TOTM products*. TOTM products are made from organic cotton, unlike normal sanitary products which use are often made from chemically bleached, inorganic cotton which can have health implications for those who use them. TOTM also offer a subscription service whereby you can regularly order the amount you need each month so you’re never caught out. 

Mooncups can now also be found in Boots for £21.99, while Holland & Barratt currently have OrganiCups on offer for £15.74. 

Deodorant: We Love The Planet

Friends swear by We Love the Planet deodorant*. For the first time, a natural deodorant seems to really be doing the job. Made from a combination of beeswax, coconut oil and maize starch powder, this deodorant comes either in a tin or in a stick form and can be purchased on Amazon. Tried and tested by Cleopatras. 


Makeup wipes: Microfibre flannel

Fight the fatburg by switching to microfibre flannels* which can be thrown in the washing machine, rather than the bin, and used again and again. The advantage of a microfibre cloth, over a traditional flannel, is that they stay soft forever and they lift off more makeup with less effort, meaning you don’t need to scrub hard to get the same effect as a facewipe. When I first found these in Primark in 2017, the package claimed to remove all makeup with just water, and they really do more effectively than any makeup wipe I’ve used. I haven’t seen them stocked in Primark recently, however a similar product can be found here

Skincare: Sukin

From sourcing, to production, to delivery Sukin products are 100% Carbon Neutral, and help you to reduce your impact on the environment. They avoid using artificial additives and harsh ingredients that can cause harm to your skin and the environment. It’s an extensive collection, ranging from sun-cream and moisturisers to face washes and blemish control products. Sukin products are available online and in TK Maxx on the high street. 

Sustainable shopping and lifestyle

Condoms: HANX

HANX condoms have been designed by two women who wanted to curb women’s embarrassment about buying condoms which are often designed and advertised with men in mind. HANX condoms are not only elegant and discreet in design, they are also Fairtrade meaning all workers get a fair wage for the latex.  It gets better: HANX condoms are vegan and made of natural materials, swapping animal protein casein for thistle extract for smoothness, meaning that they also biodegrade. 

HANX are available online and at Boots. 


*Any products marked with an asterisk have been tried and tested by Cleopatras. For further inspiration, and to see similar products as above all in one place head to

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