“Don’t Take Life Too Seriously” Is Advice You Should Ignore in 2020

“Don’t Take Life Too Seriously” Is Advice You Should Ignore in 2020

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Relative to the average person, I work pretty hard. I’m no Mark Wahlberg but I work out typically five times a week and manage multiple personal projects alongside a full time job in marketing. 

There is no internet in my flat, I haven’t watched a TV series in two years, take periods of sobriety and am vegan. And some people think I take life too seriously. 

I don’t actually take many things seriously, but it’s true that life as a whole, I do take seriously. 

We don’t know what happens when this life ends. Those who follow a religion will tell you what they believe, but that is a faith, it isn’t a known. It is what they trust. We can’t know much about life, about why we’re even here. So I reached the conclusion fairly early on, that if my life right now is all I know, then it’s important. 

And when something is important, you don’t just let it be. You try to influence it. 

I believe you have to laugh most days, and laugh things off. Taking life seriously doesn’t mean taking everything seriously. It means knowing what will impact your experiences in life, taking those things seriously, and shaking off everything else. It means taking seriously what is in your control and not stressing over that which isn’t. 

For example, I don’t take dating seriously, but I take love very seriously. I don’t take most people’s opinions into account but I do consider the emotions of my friends and family as deserving of respect and consideration. When it comes to work I am more aware than ever of just how lucky we are to get to work for personal gain. Living in London and having been given a good education, most of my basic needs can be taken care of without too much effort on my part. So I get to go the extra mile to stretch and grow myself. While in other parts of the world, people have to literally go the extra mile just to survive. 

It’s a great privilege to live in the UK. We take for granted that we can actually choose happiness, while many people (women in particular) have that right taken away from them. 

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re in a not-too-dissimilar position and also get to create what your life and legacy are about. We should take that responsibility seriously. Take time to really assess what we want to do with that privilege and where we want our lives to go; and then act of course 🙂

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