Alexandra Hearth

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra is the founder and editor-in-chief of Cleopatras. She is a DJ, gemini, big fan of leather trousers and Anaïs Nin, who also works in the brand team at Nike. 

Christabel Lear

Sustainability Editor

Christabel is the sustainability editor for Cleopatras Worldwide, a painter for fun and a PR for a living. She previously founded the platform ‘Zero Wasted’ helping share information on sustainability hacks for your daily life.

Pauline Boateng

Writer and Newsletter Editor

Pauline is a well rounded multi-disciplined creative with her hand in screenwriting and documentary filmmaking. Experimental content in visual and audio forms is Pauline’s forte, fusing traditional photography techniques with immersive sound. She loves a good story filled with fascinating people, culture, and art. When it comes to writing, Pauline specialises in topics to do with wellness, music, spirituality and profiled features.

Lily Edwards

Fashion Editor

Lily is the fashion editor for Cleopatras. With a sparkly eye for style, she loves all things silk and slink. She’s also an expert in conscious fashion, with a penchant for Margaritas, who’s worked for Burberry, Ted Baker and Sustainable Fashion Collective, Maiyet.

Joe Gardner

Music Writer

Joe is a writer for Cleopatras. He is a fashion, music and pop culture fanatic who can name every single Britney Spears single in chronological order, white wine enthusiast and fan of the colour green. Currently studying a Fashion Business diploma at the Fashion Retail Academy as well as running his own blog, Twink Bible and podcast, ‘Problematic’.

Henrietta Hearth

Food and Wellbeing Editor

Henrietta holds a degree in Nutrition and is an experienced Marketer who’s worked for L’Oreal, Mondelez and Danone. She’s lived in London and Paris, reads faster than Google and owns the recipe for the world’s smoothest hummus. She’s currently studying for an MBA at INSEAD.

Jasmin Sweeney

Writer and Head of Linkedin Marketing

Jasmin is a writer and editor, specialising in current affairs, politics, and art. She has degree in Languages and International Relations, as well as a postgraduate degree in Violence, Terrorism and Security. She’s an avid traveller and travels the world whenever she can!