As we approach the end of January, chances are many of us have already broken our new year’s resolutions. With Dry January and Veganuary now enshrined in the calendar, on top of the usual January exercise regimes, it’s no surprise that many of us are likely to crack. So perhaps, it’s time to turn our attention outwardly instead. 

As we confront a new decade – which, according to scientists, is the only window of time we have left to change the course of our planet’s global warming –  it’s more important than ever to make resolutions that not only benefit us as an individual, but also the planet at large. So rather than spending the next week regretting the slips, try setting aside some time to think of resolutions that benefit the planet. 

For many, the prospect of not flying will be the hardest lifestyle change to contemplate. With the prospect of another three months of winter to look forward to, it’s already tempting to start perusing Skyscanner for irresistibly cheap flights. And there are a hundred reasons to choose flying over train travel, but do these really outweigh the hard fact that flying emits on average 6 times the amount of greenhouse gases than a high speed train? 

Admittedly a train journey across the continent could cost you additional time and money, yet with a bit of preparation and a not-too-out-of-reach-destination in mind, opting to interrail and city-hop could be the perfect way to enrich your summer trip. There’s a reason, after all, that interrailing is still the first holiday without parents of choice for many teens: it’s totally manageable on a budget with youth interrailing passes. 

For example, if  you’re 27 or younger, you can save up to 25% on standard adult prices with Interail’s Youth Pass, which gives you unlimited, borderless travel across Europe with just one ticket. Currently on the interrailing website, you can travel for 3 days within 1 month, through any of Interail’s 31 European countries (including the UK) for as little as £129. Not only does this ensure you can go a lot further with your money, it also means you avoid the dead time of getting to and from airports, the discomfort of an EasyJet seat and the chance of a delayed flight. 

The allure of slow travel doesn’t just lie with how eco-friendly it is: interrailing allows you to connect the dots between places, immerse yourself in the landscape of a country and add unexpected stops to your journey before you’ve even reached your end destination.