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HOT GIRLS, is a Podcast and Mix Series, questioning why there is such a gender imbalance in music. Over two brilliant series, it's rapidly become the central space enabling musicians and creatives of different career stages to have raw conversations about how to create and overcome the challenges of the entertainment industry. We explore the lives, loves, and successes of people active in important creative and cultural spaces. It's an inspiring and insightful listen, from London, for the world.


All Episodes can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean and other major Podcasting Platforms. Guests from Season 1 included: Bklava, Bamz, Melle Brown, Tailor Jae, Hannah V, Shireen Ramezani, Drewmula, Luna Lisabet and Sophie Simone. Season 2 includes: Jasmine Dotiwala, Jords, Truemendous, Laani, Alexandra Ampofo, Olivia Louise, Jelani, Ultra Nate and more.


Created by female and non-binary DJs, head to

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Yas chats with lex on the decks

“If You’re Not Doing What You Love to Do, It Will Burn You.” An Interview with Rnb Singer, Yas VW

Having decided fairly early on that she wanted to be on MTV music, as well as watching it, Yas VW began her training. Growing up in a house full of RnB and hip-hop fans, she developed an early appreciation for the most timeless artists within those genres, she calls out artists from Aaliyah to Janet Jackson, to Biggie Smalls. Now, 10 years after scooping her first guitar, she’s released her debut single, ‘Weakness’, with a follow up single ‘Off the Ground’ due for release in November. Lex chats to Yas about her journey to this point.