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Six Women, May

Introducing six women. All alike in their ambition to maximise life. All excelling in different fields, be it law, music, or marketing. All very lovely


Dance and the Successful Balance of Discipline and Freedom

Caring enough to make things happen, while being care-free enough to enjoy the journey, has been the challenge of my 2021 thus far. To Dance beautifully, you have to train for perfection… and then let go, and so it’s an art-form that to me perfectly demonstrates this relationship.

how to overcome procrastination

The Reasons We Procrastinate and How to Stop

One of the great enemies of achievement, the tendency to procrastinate is a very genuine challenge and not something to be embarrassed about or seen as a personal weakness. Procrastination comes when you have this frustrating feeling that while you know you want to have done something, there are a million other ways to spend your time than in the doing.

You Can Self-sabotage at Any Age, by Thinking You’re ‘Too Old’

Two women celebrate their 70th Birthday. They both feel very different about this milestone. One ‘knows’ that her best days are behind her and that life is drawing to a close. After being alive for seven decades, her body is starting to break down and she needs to prepare for her final few, restful, years.  The other woman figures that what a person is actually capable of, at any age, depends much more on her beliefs and she believes there’s more fuel in the tank. She’s always been interested in mountaineering and decides, if not now then when?! For the next twenty years she devotes herself to this passion, climbing some of the highest peaks in the world. At 91, Hulda Crooks became the oldest woman to scale Mount Fiji. *** It is a tragic truth of many lives that

In Order To Unlock More of our potential, we need to Get over the Desire to Feel Important

This time last year I had landed back into Heathrow Airport after four days in Heiligenhafen; a small seaside town on the Northern Coast of Germany. I hadn’t gone for vay-cay, but to shoot some adverts for a well-known car brand. Heiligenhafen, in October, is absolutely freezing. Add to that some professional and personal stress and I’d fallen a little ill. When I arrived back into Heathrow I was exhausted and looking forward to take-away and bed.  I went outside the terminal to meet my taxi driver and with half a smile and meek thank you, bundled my weakening self into the back seat. The taxi driver was talking animatedly on the phone so I rested my head against the window and switched off. Ahhh.  Until. The phone call ended.  The phone call, as it turned out, was a pretty

How To Use Your Dreams For Success

The relationship between dreaming and success is a complicated one. On the one hand, without dreams you’re unlikely to seek new things for your life.