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Dance and the Successful Balance of Discipline and Freedom

Caring enough to make things happen, while being care-free enough to enjoy the journey, has been the challenge of my 2021 thus far. To Dance beautifully, you have to train for perfection… and then let go, and so it’s an art-form that to me perfectly demonstrates this relationship.

how to overcome procrastination

The Reasons We Procrastinate and How to Stop

One of the great enemies of achievement, the tendency to procrastinate is a very genuine challenge and not something to be embarrassed about or seen as a personal weakness. Procrastination comes when you have this frustrating feeling that while you know you want to have done something, there are a million other ways to spend your time than in the doing.

Learning About Philosophy Will Change Your Life

Two years ago I was doing some article browsing online and stumbled upon something written by the writer Ryan Holiday. I liked the way he wrote. He had an ability to cut to the heart of something and speak a truth I needed at that time.  The focus of his writing then, was on a thing called Stoicism. You may know what that is already but I didn’t. I’d never heard of Stoicism, Stoics, Seneca or Epictetus. I had heard of Marcus Aurelius because he was the old King in Gladiator, but that was it.  Stoicism is a Philosophy and Seneca and Marcus Aurelius are two of its most famous teachers. I lived with a girl when I was at University, who studied philosophy. I had no idea what it was until I discovered Stoicism. How I would describe it

Why Successful People Are Telling You, It’s About The Process

And how to calm down that voice obsessing over the result… There is a moment in the film ‘The Bucket List’ where Morgan Freeman’s voice says, “I believe that you measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you”. It’s a slightly clunky sentence that takes a moment to digest, but when it does it becomes very powerful. Powerful because within this lies the epitome of what success really looks like to many of us.  True success looks like being respected by and on a level with people you respect and would otherwise look up to.   There are great icons of culture or business who have achieved remarkably rare things.  As an entrepreneur you might look to Richard Branson. As an artist you may follow Damien Hirst. As a singer-songwriter you may be imagining a day when Ed

How To Use Your Dreams For Success

The relationship between dreaming and success is a complicated one. On the one hand, without dreams you’re unlikely to seek new things for your life.