Ah the Hollywood Boulevard. One of the most photographed pavements of the present day. A patch of concrete ready to celebrate stars who’ve made it to the A-list and should be honoured with a large tile made of terrazzo and brass. If you’ve got a star, I think its fair to consider yourself a ‘success’ in the entertainment industry. The first new star of 2018 has been laid, celebrating RnB icon Mary J. Blige. My initial reaction was… ‘doesn’t she already have one?’ Evidently not, in which case, why now? And how do you get a Hollywood Star anyway? Who is on the panel to decide whether you’re worthy of that accolade, or is there some sort of metric for fame?

I’ve done some research and it turns out the process begins with an application. According to *very legitimate* website “TheRichest.com” an application is usually submitted by the management of a celebrity, which makes sense as it could benefit their public profile. The star in question has to have been ‘famous for at least 5 years’ and the application has to be accompanied by a $30k fee and a written commitment to attend the induction ceremony if selected. I’m not quite sure what qualifies as ‘famous’ in this context but presumably you need to be able to prove a level of following and given there’s a screening process you’d want to be feeling fairly confident about your chances of success. The $30,000 fee sounds fairly substantial but when you consider its less than one year at Harvard (around $43,280 tuition alone) or an individual ticket to Vogue’s Met Ball (rumoured to start at $30,000 for non-guestlist), it perhaps seems less intimidating. It would also only take Kim Kardashian 6hours to actually earn that fee so NO BIGGY. Applicants have to be submitted in one of the following 5 categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Recording/Music, Radio or Theatre/Live.

With approximately 24 stars being added every year, there’s room for a fair few big names. However some rather well known Hollywood stars are seemingly disinterested in getting that badge. Notable absences include Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, George Clooney and Clint Eastwood. And myself of course but I’m holding out for 2020.



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