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What Is Reiki? An Introduction to a Powerful Healing Technique

Reiki is an ancient healing technique which uses energy to address issues caused by physical or emotional imbalances. Level 3 Reiki master, Faith Ellis (@faithholistics) explains what it is, where it came from and how it might help you. While some may be sceptical of non-invasive therapies, it’s rising popularity is due to many people observing its power for themselves.

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The Suppliers Helping You Achieve Farm to Table Shopping

We don’t generally need much convincing that fresher food is a good thing. Better for the planet, better for our bodies, and better flavoured! But when it’s so easy to pop to the supermarket, it’s the convenience aspect that needs solving. Here are some ways you can start to source fresher produce.

Do You Really Need An App To Manage Your Phone Addiction?

In the App Store under Health and Fitness, there is an app you can download called Moment, which offers to help you break your device addiction through Digital coaching. Its valiant aim is to help you put your phone down.  The app is playing in a competitive space, with ‘Mute’, ‘Flipd’ and of course Apple’s own ‘Screentime’, all offering a variety of services, including blocking use of your phone for periods throughout the day. These can be used permanently, or as a temporary solution to help you cut down use initially.  “Break your device addiction.” Last year, The Palm phone was introduced. Another digital offering described as a “compact but powerful device for active lifestyles, digital minimalists, and people who live their lives outside of the screen.” Essentially it’s a tiny phone to keep you from using your big phone

Was It Hard Going Vegan?

Nope. I went vegan, or “plant based” (the term I prefer) over a year ago now. Before that switch I’d been pescatarian for a couple of years. Cheese was one of my favourite foods. Pre-pesce, I ate everything. I actually recall a younger me declaring that veganism was mad and ridiculous  and way extreme. There are lots of reasons why you might be interested in adopting the diet, from health, to environmental and animal welfare. What I want to talk about though, are the hows. Things to look out for and ways I’ve managed it without impacting my lifestyle too much.  I’m definitely fortunate to have made the switch at a time when restaurants and shops were facing increasing pressure to provide vegan options. According to the world Vegan society, demand for meat-free food In 2017, increased by 987% in

Beyonce routine and life details and advice

So You Want to Be Beyonce? Well, You Can Be.

Looking to achieve as much in a day as Beyoncé does? You aren’t alone. One of the most famous and consistently inspirational women in entertainment, we take a look at what it might take to transform yourself into one of the greatest live performers of all time.