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Whether it’s a pay rise, promotion, career change or new job you’re after, here you’ll find out how to have a successful career. Important lessons in career and work growth from women who have been effective in different kinds of businesses.

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Five Steps to Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

In an ever-changing job market, Digital Marketing roles continue to be widely available. A career in Digital Marketing requires you to think both creatively, and analytically, and because of this, there is no one way to get into it. Eligible employee’s come from a wide range of backgrounds, qualifications, and interests. Alexandra works in the Digital Marketing team at Nike. Here she takes you through some of the things it’s useful to know if you’re interested in working in the industry, whether you’re looking to make a career change, or have no experience yet.

How to Be a Great Manager

While the first few years of your career tend to be defined by the constant struggle for more; more money, more ownership, more freedom and

Hacking Your Way to Success

All over the internet people are looking for productivity hacks; tips and tricks to help you do more, faster.  Successful writer and marketing authority, Seth Godin, offers one simple trick to making everything faster and easier. That secret is:  “Stop chasing shortcuts.” Eh? Don’t see how that can help? We look for shortcuts, or hacks, all the time. In marketing, careers and relationships, we want a quick success plan; to jump forward rather than shuffle. People cried when various blockchains failed because they thought they could hack their way into being rich. Diet books start with: “you’ve been trying all this time missing the one simple trick to weight loss…” but they never finish that sentence simply with… “eat less processed food.”  We want to get promoted fast, thinking we can make it happen through the right conversations. In reality,

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Why You Should Consider Working For Free

This morning, I noticed someone had posted on a job site, looking for work experience. She advertised being open to both paid and unpaid opportunities and someone had responded underneath her post strongly arguing against ever working for free.

Better Choices, Part 2: You’re Not Always Going To Enjoy It

When acclaimed poet Dorothy Parker was asked about the writing process, she said the following: “I hate writing but I love having written.” – Dorothy Parker It’s something Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray Love, explores in the brilliant ‘Big Magic’: “Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege… So please calm down now and get back to work, okay?” – Elizabeth Gilbert Many of us have passions and dreams. Often the dreams centre around the passions. One day I’ll write a novel. One day I’ll open a shop. One day I’ll record a song. Etc. etc. There is a pain point that often comes in moments of reflection. On Birthdays, Year Ends, Sundays… when you realise another chunk of time has passed and you’re no closer to your dream. While your mind has been active, you haven’t managed

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Leaders Are Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations

It’s Monday morning and you’re prepping for a meeting. As you pull together the relevant documents there’s a dominant feeling slowing you down. A feeling of dread. An awareness that you’re going to have to tell someone something they don’t want to hear.