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The Future is Sustainable, According to Vogue Business

Speaking on the Luxury Communications Council’s Future of Fashion webinar, Vogue Business’s Editorial Director, Sarah Shannon, spotlighted the rise of dark social, gender-neutral stores, augmented reality magazines and digital fashion shows among the key trends that emerged from 2020. While these might sound unfamiliar, Sarah noted that sustainability – a topic that took centre stage in 2019 – remains top of the agenda. 

How to Make Do and Mend Your Clothes

While mending your clothes may seem old fashioned and time consuming, it’s a simple way of reducing your waste and acting more consciously. If you’re a bit of an amateur in the sewing field, here are some ways to get started.

Making Sustainable Fashion Choices on a Budget

Making adjustments to our deeply ingrained shopping habits is undoubtedly one of the trickier aspects of living a sustainable lifestyle. You’ve switched to a vegetarian diet? Check. Cut back on plastic? Check. Resisted that weekend trip to Berlin? Check. But when it comes to your individual sense of style, it’s the variety of 52 fashion seasons a year – and all the fun and convenience that comes with it – that is particularly hard to resist. Not only this, ethically made clothes do tend to be more expensive than the high street, providing a ready-made excuse to head straight to Zara.  As someone who doesn’t always have the time or money to spend on clothes that align with my ethics, I try to fall back on the following tools and tips as much as possible, to help me make conscious