Renowned author and speaker, Brené Brown, spent some time with Oprah last month exploring the topic of trust. She’d seen her young daughter have her trust broken by some school friends and had furiously sworn never to trust anyone again. Witnessing this forced Brené to ask the question, “How do we trust?”

Trust is an act of courage. Why? Because in trusting you are opening yourself up to being let down. Despite this, a willingness to trust is fundamental to our happiness.

We often hear our friends arguing back and forth about whether to follow their head or their heart, but there is another element at play in decision making: your gut, or instinct. When it comes to our instincts, they’re harder to rationalise. Whereas with the head and the heart we can generally explain how or why we feel a certain way and evaluate our options, the gut is a whole different level of authority that we can’t quite explain. If we’re going to follow it, we have to use trust.

I heard an interview with relationship coach Esther Perel on trust, in which she gave the most beautiful definition:

“Trust is an active engagement with the unknown”.

Whether in the context of a relationship, a friendship, or decision making, when you trust you are putting faith in the unknown. And whilst this may be scary, without trust, you won’t commit to anything properly. Not to an opportunity, a friend, a partner, because there are simply too many unknowns.

In many situations, by not being prepared to trust, you can end up creating the exact eventuality that you were afraid of. That thing you’re scared of is much more likely to happen if you remove trust from the equation.

Your gut understands things your head and heart can’t. So feel the fear and do it anyway. Trust that when you follow, not just your head, or your heart, but your intuition, you are giving yourself the greatest chance at success.

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