“Apart from these artless wannabe shockers, McCartney offered uninspired electric blue sequined pieces, mini-slips with trailing sleeves, and dresses with dotted-face designs courtesy of artist Gary Hume.

Although some of McCartney’s T-shirts and accessories (like the hard “Wet” case) could be commercially viable, her show clearly did not live up to the technical and creative standards expected of a major Gucci Group label.”

The above is from a 2002 Vogue article on Stella McCartney’s first collection as an independent fashion designer. Now, in 2019, the Stella McCartney brand operates 48 freestanding stores in locations including Manhattan, London, LA and Tokyo. Her collections are distributed in over 77 countries through 800+ wholesale accounts.

Stella herself is one of the most sought after designers of the Western world. She was the Creative Director of the London 2012 Olympic Games, returning in 2016 for Rio and the Designer chosen to create the reception dress Meghan Markle wore for her wedding to Prince Harry. 

Stella McCartney had a choice back in 2002. She could have decided her own label was a flop and not meant to be. Found another fashion house to design under and kept a lower profile. That would have been the easy thing to do – it’s not nice being criticised or dismissed. It’s a key reason so many people don’t put their work out into the world. If you’re vulnerable to criticism then it can hold you back. But it shouldn’t.
Don’t accept failure, and in the end you won’t fail.

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