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Leadership Lessons: Ciara

RnB singer Ciara has grown up in the public eye. Her first album, Goodies, is still played in clubs and listened to on the radio. Unlike many other teen stars though, her time in the spotlight has been pretty calm and clean. She hasn’t had a continual string of dominant albums like say Taylor Swift has, but she’s had intermittent hits which have kept her current. Songs like Like a Boy (2007) Love, Sex, Magic with Justin Timberlake (2009), and Got Me Good (2012). She’s recently been working on the promo for her seventh studio album “Beauty Marks” and around that has been more open in interviews about her process to getting to where she is now.  A few years ago, Ciara was engaged to Future, one of the most successful music Producers around today. The relationship took place in

Instagram lessons marketing

The Changing Face of Instagram

Instagram. A mobile app bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1billion, now worth an estimated $100 billion. The photo sharing service that millennials are giving,

Leadership Lessons: Huda Katten

“Everybody has an area of genius, and we don’t all operate in that area, we operate in the comfort area,” … “The area of genius

So You Want to Be Beyonce? Well, You Can Be.

Looking to achieve as much in a day as Beyoncé does? You aren’t alone. One of the most famous and consistently inspirational women in entertainment, we take a look at what it might take to transform yourself into one of the greatest live performers of all time.