10 Reasons to Support the Degrowth Economy

In his 2020 book, Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save The World, Jason Hickel explores how humanity is dramatically overshooting what scientists have defined as safe planetary boundaries, owing to our thrall to ‘the growth economy’, and its associated use of energy, resources, and inevitable waste.

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How to Create The Perfect Energy in Your Home and Personal Spaces

“A woman must have a room of her own” said Virginia Woolf… and that room must have good energy say Cleopatras. Your space has such an impact on your mood, and with everyone working from home, we asked Interior Designer Amy to share some guidance on how to make sure yours is flowing with the good stuff.


Dance and the Successful Balance of Discipline and Freedom

Caring enough to make things happen, while being care-free enough to enjoy the journey, has been the challenge of my 2021 thus far. To Dance beautifully, you have to train for perfection… and then let go, and so it’s an art-form that to me perfectly demonstrates this relationship.

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The Future is Sustainable, According to Vogue Business

Speaking on the Luxury Communications Council’s Future of Fashion webinar, Vogue Business’s Editorial Director, Sarah Shannon, spotlighted the rise of dark social, gender-neutral stores, augmented reality magazines and digital fashion shows among the key trends that emerged from 2020. While these might sound unfamiliar, Sarah noted that sustainability – a topic that took centre stage in 2019 – remains top of the agenda. 

Image of meditation healing reiki ceremony

What Is Reiki? An Introduction to a Powerful Healing Technique

Reiki is an ancient healing technique which uses energy to address issues caused by physical or emotional imbalances. Level 3 Reiki master, Faith Ellis (@faithholistics) explains what it is, where it came from and how it might help you. While some may be sceptical of non-invasive therapies, it’s rising popularity is due to many people observing its power for themselves.

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