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how to overcome procrastination

The Reasons We Procrastinate and How to Stop

One of the great enemies of achievement, the tendency to procrastinate is a very genuine challenge and not something to be embarrassed about or seen as a personal weakness. Procrastination comes when you have this frustrating feeling that while you know you want to have done something, there are a million other ways to spend your time than in the doing.

How to Be a Great Manager

While the first few years of your career tend to be defined by the constant struggle for more; more money, more ownership, more freedom and more responsibility. A moment suddenly comes around where you land a very serious responsibility. The responsibility to help shape someone else’s career.  While I’m sure many of us would love to consider that a privilege and relish the challenge, more often than not if becomes another a chore. Something we have to do and put time into alongside our full time jobs.  As you continue to climb the ladder, you get more and more of

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Why You Should Consider Working For Free

This morning, I noticed someone had posted on a job site, looking for work experience. She advertised being open to both paid and unpaid opportunities and someone had responded underneath her post strongly arguing against ever working for free.

Hacking Your Way to Success

All over the internet people are looking for productivity hacks; tips and tricks to help you do more, faster.  Successful writer and marketing authority, Seth

Leadership Lessons: Huda Katten

“Everybody has an area of genius, and we don’t all operate in that area, we operate in the comfort area,” … “The area of genius

How does Mark Zuckerberg prepare for a Senate hearing?

Facebook founder and America’s youngest self-made Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, hasn’t been having a great 2018. As Donald Trump continues to embarrass America with his child’s-play politics the world’s seeking to make someone pay for his election. Facebook stands accused of

How It Feels to Fly in a Private Jet

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have long been lusted after by ‘regular people’ who gaze at photos in magazines and lap up tales of hotel room wreckages and debauchery in mansions. This has been intensified by the rise of Instagram which allows us to follow these lives 24/7. Yes, while sitting at your desk gazing at a wall you can look at Karlie Kloss gazing out over the Caribbean. One experience rarely enjoyed by regular peeps is flying jet. With commercial airline flights now available for as low as £9.99 it can cost the same to get between