“It’s Always a Great Idea to Take Things Slow and Find out What Works for You And Makes You Happy.” An Interview with Cande from Cande y Paulo

“It’s Always a Great Idea to Take Things Slow and Find out What Works for You And Makes You Happy.” An Interview with Cande from Cande y Paulo

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Cande Buasso, singer and one part of the duo Cande y Paulo, with Paulo Carrizo. Now counting the days until the release of their debut album, Cande sits down to chat about the journey so far.

What was the moment you discovered your love for music?

I started singing from a young age. It was very natural for me to get into as my family and I have always loved music. A fond memory I have from my childhood is when my family travelled together in the car. We would sing all kinds of music from classic jazz, rock, Brazillian songs and pop. So by my 14th birthday, I knew I could sing. From there, I went on to perform with bands singing rock songs, Argentinian music, Gun’s and Roses and other old genres.


It’s lovely you have such a great connection with music and your family.

For me, my mum was a huge inspiration growing up and even now as an adult, I still look up to her. She was a single mother with two young kids but still pursued her study and passion for education. Although she would be away a lot and was afraid that she had abandoned her kids in her pursuit of giving us a better life, I’m glad I was able to remind her that she provided so much love and security to us. She was constantly showing us how to work hard and succeed.


What would you say has influenced you the most musically?

I love classical music and consider myself a fanatic. With Paulo, I’ve seen all kinds of music on our travels and would love to see more classical and orchestras when we can.

We enjoy hearing and enriching ourselves with other artists. It’s always great to learn from others who share our passion. Music is universal! Traditional sounds like Spanish flamenco and the different types of theatre and operas have fascinated us. Discovering it is like taking a class with a teacher; you always learn something new.


Can you tell me the first experience performing with Paulo?

The first experience was a motivating one. I played the double bass for over a year, and a song we worked on together was really successful, so we became a duo. We went on to create even more music together, and the rest is history. I love working with Paulo. It’s organic and intimate. Sometimes it feels like we are in each other’s heads, instinctively knowing what to play. You could say it’s almost telepathic.


How would you describe the way you work together?

Paulo is the best company to have personally and professionally. He encourages me to experiment and transform as an artist. It’s a beautiful dynamic. Many couples who work with each other struggle sometimes, but we operate very well with each other. It feels great.


How did it feel when recording your new album?

Producing this album is one I’ll never forget. It’s a moment I have prepared for my entire life. All I can describe it as is a magical dream come true. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with an incredible team, and the project is dedicated to them.


What was the process like?

We recorded many songs in Los Angeles before the pandemic hit but recorded four more songs remotely in Barcelona. The process through zoom was strange, but we managed to do it. We even had a small virtual celebration with drinks to commemorate the achievement. A lot of hard work went into it, and we are so proud to show the world our new album.


Your debut album is coming out on June 4th!

Yes! Big things have been happening for us and we are looking forward to more. We were so happy to play in shows like the Cheltenham Jazz festival and the Latin American music conference, which landed us on the incredible Tiny Desk Concert. We’ve been dropping our singles and are so excited for June 4th when our album is finally released. Most of all, I can’t wait to perform live in front of an audience.


It must have been such an incredible moment to take part in the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. How was it?

The location we filmed the Tiny Desk Concert was the same as the Barro Tal Vez video. It felt like it was a full-circle moment because San Juan is home, so the energy felt right, almost like we were going back to the past. Even though it has been a short time since Barro Tal Vez, we’ve been introduced to new opportunities with people starting to notice our music. It feels good to be playing new songs where our adventure started – an unforgettable moment for us.


What advice would you give to other musicians or instrumentalists?

If I were to advise any other musicians or creatives, I would say having a good work ethic is key. One has to deliver time, perseverance, be able to adapt and know how to take care of the mind and body. Music can help but shouldn’t cause stress or hurt your wellbeing. It’s always a great idea to take things slow and find out what works for you and makes you happy. These things are important so you can create something special, go further and reach your full potential.


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