The writer, DJ and founder of Cleopatras shares her rules for life and how she manages her side-hustles alongside working for Nike. 


On routine… 

“I had to give up hangovers and lie-ins. I realised Sundays and mornings were the only time I could really focus on moving my own projects forward so I had to prioritise those.”

In other words, time is your biggest challenge. You’ll need to work out where you can find it from.   

On books…

“Discovering Stoic philosophy gave me a really powerful code of ethics and approach to life. One of the most important principles for me comes from Marcus Aurelius who wrote, ‘Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.’

You can discover more about Stoicism via The Daily Stoic Book by Ryan Holiday and The Daily Stoic Website.

On reading…

“I swear progress is moments of leaping forward and excitement, followed by long plateaus where you have to maintain your momentum. Success for me is maintaining interest through the plateaus and the peace which comes with knowing you’re putting your best foot forward.”

In other words, don’t trust social media highlight reels. Trust the work and be consistent. 


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