While the coronavirus crisis offers governments the chance to make climate-smart choices and policies on a national and international scale, it has also given us as individuals the chance to see the benefits of slowing down and living at a different pace. Either by design or out of necessity, we have altered our lifestyles to live in more thoughtful and sustainable ways, many of which are outlined below and can even be adopted into the post-pandemic world.

With plenty of time on our hands and no clothes shops to visit, now is a great time to rifle through your wardrobe to find some of your once-loved clothes and pick up a needle and thread to restore your favourite items of clothing, or even breathe new life into an outfit you have got tired of.   

Sewing Smith

Take a class with the former Queen Mother’s milliner, whose approach is informed by the Japanese concept of kintsugi, the art of repairing and emphasising the beauty in imperfection. For inspiration, check out some of her visible mending techniques on Instagram @sewingsmith.

Clothes Doctor is the UK’s first digital clothing maintenance service whose aim is to change mindsets and help drive people towards reducing fashion pollution and waste by providing clothing repair services from their workshop in Cornwall. Their free video consultations and online tutorials are a great place to start if you are new to mending clothes.

Guppyfriend Bag

One of the best ways to look after your clothes is to make sure snags and tears don’t occur in the first place. These bags protect delicate clothing from snagging.  delicate wash, while also catching plastic microfibres. This will save you having to do delicate washes which release, on average, 800,000 more microfibres than less water-hungry cycles.

More to come as we help you transition back to life after lockdown.