Editor’s Letter
This month, I read about Julia Hawkins. The 103 year old American woman who is competing in sprinting competitions. She took up running just 3years ago, aged 100, and has been scooping up Gold medals ever since, at various Senior Games. Julia says of her approach to life: “I try to do as many new things as I can. I never say no to an invitation. I like to go to plays and musicals and church and all kinds of places.” 

She made me think about attitude; and how this is ultimately what defines our life. If we started being more active in our pursuit of new challenges now, who knows what we might be doing at 103!

As November ends, we enter the final month of 2019. While the temptation is to slip into a mulled wine and mince pie haze, I suggest taking a bit of time to reflect on the year you’ve had. What were the highs and what were the lows? While some of these may seem outside of our control I bet many of them weren’t. Reflecting allows you to move into 2020 more decisively. Not with resolutions, but with goals and plans. What is it time for?


“if the shortcuts worked as promised, they wouldn’t be shortcuts, would they? They’d be the standard.” – Seth Godin