Cleopatras is a website, online magazine, and network on a mission to get the most life-changing and empowering advice into the hands and hearts of ambitious women. Women of all ages who address life with energy and a will to create the world they desire. From careers and finance, to well-being and relationships, we believe that taking extreme ownership of your success is both liberating and exciting.

We want to publish knowledge and ideas that will alter gender ratios in the C-Suite, Start-ups and Cinema Screens. Stories that will be relevant now, next month, and hopefully for many years to come.


If you share this belief system and feel you have things to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need to have extensive writing experience, just have done some research and have a point of view.

Submission Guidance:

There is so much criticism and negativity out there which can leave people held back, terrified of getting it wrong and being embarrassed. Our stories therefore aim to promote a ‘devil may care’ attitude and any comments written in bad faith will be removed.

There’s already plenty of click bait in traditional magazines, so whilst a catchy headline is important, articles need some actionable meat on their bones.

Topics we love!:
Technology, Personal growth, Overcoming hurdles, Economics, Inspirational people, Health and Well-being, Physical and Mental energy, Mastery, Optimising life.

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