The mission of Cleopatras is to get the most life-changing and empowering advice into the hands and hearts of ambitious women. Women of all ages and goals who address life with energy and a will to create the world they desire. From careers and finance, to well-being and relationships, we believe that taking extreme ownership of your success is both liberating and exciting. Named after the iconic Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatras celebrates the power of the individual and femininity in all its forms.

Components of Cleopatras

In the articles section you’ll find the principles successful people have been using to get ahead, coupled with a celebration of women from all over who are shining examples of power and femininity. 

Book Club is there because the greatest advantage you can give yourself is reading the right books! Success bibles, philosophy, great novels, if they deliver a positive message which could inspire you, they’re there. 


Book Club

Collage of successful people, achievement, amazing women